In 2018, the Sonic Artist Meetup created a gallery of art that would be raffled off at the end of the event. The money raised during the raffle would go to help a charity in the DFW area. It was a way to give back through the talents we had.


This year we are bringing back the gallery to display during our 2022 event. Artists who submit to this gallery will be recognized and the art submitted will be turned into a physical print to be donated during a raffle. 

How to enter: 

  • 1 art piece entry per artist

  • Entries can be the following sizes (the orientation of the artwork does not matter)

    • 3300 x 5100 Pixel (11x17in at 300dpi)

    • 2550 x 3300 Pixel (8.5x11in at 300dpi)

  • Art submitted to the gallery can be old art. It does not need to be a new piece

  • Art must have official characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

  • Entry if accepted will be printed on semi gloss print and put on display during the event

  • If you want to mail in your art, please email at

  • We are accepting entries around the world! 

Artworks that do the following will be sent a rejection email, but you can apply for resubmission


  • If an image is too blurry or does not fit the following size criteria mentioned above,  it will not be accepted

  • No fan character-only art. The main focus should be on an official Sonic character

  • No NSFW, fetish, or suggestive art. If you have a question about a piece please email us.

  • If caught with stolen art, we will flag your email and artist name for future events. 

Deadline July 1, 2022