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Back in October 2017, a small group of Sonic artists wanted a place to meet up and create art together. They formed a small Discord server called, “The Sonic Artist Meetup,” where the initial hunt for a venue began. In March 2018, after finding a spot they went down to promote at the SXSW conference Sonic the Hedgehog panel.


On June 2018, we held our first in-person festival where fans across the US gathered in Dallas, Texas.

In 2019, after a year hiatus, the group rebranded to Chaos Creators (ChaosCreatorsTX) to be more inclusive of all content creators such as artists, musicians, voice actors, game designers, animators, and collaborative projects.

The new date was set for June 2020, however, with COVID-19, the group decided to postpone the in-person art festival. The chaos never died. Instead, online festivals were held during the fall and winter where a showcase of works and creators were displayed. 

The group also expanded to hosting on multiple fan projects across the community. You can check out the creations here:

Voice actor panel sonic.JPG
Chaos Creators Logo.png

Message from the Creator

When I initially started this project, a majority of the community that I knew were mostly artists. However, when the project started to grow, I wanted something that was more considerate of the rest of the community. I went with Chaos Creators because it felt more empowering from the fans. The content Sonic fans create has always inspired me. Creating Sonic art was a huge driving force for me to learn and grow as a person. Not to be that person, but if I didn't have a muse like Sonic, I would probably not get to have the fun experiences I've had today. So I'm thankful for where this has led me as a creator myself. This community we've built and I put time into is how I show my love to this franchise that shaped me.

So why Chaos? There was something about the final form of Chaos that seemed dragon-like and mighty. I wanted it to represent the community of creators. Baby Chaos (the chao) is the child-like creativity we all keep. It's fun and supportive. Chaos is grows just like we do.

- JovialNightz

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